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Conference | 28-30 September, Vilnius


The Decolonization of Education and Research in Belarus and Ukraine: Theoretical Challenges and Practical Tasks


The full-scale war launched by Russia against Ukraine in 2022 and supported by the Lukashenko regime has has focused attention on the urgency of decolonization as a process of overcoming the structural, political, and cultural subjugation by the “empire.” This conference aims to answer the question: How exactly is decolonization to be achieved in education and in humanistic and social science research both in today’s conditions and after the end of the war? Decolonization as a practical task unites Belarusians and Ukrainians in our aspirations for national independence. In this connection, a separate practical objective of the conference is the consideration of a common politics of decolonization and the creation of a network for continued promotion of decolonization in Belarusian and Ukrainian research, considered in national, regional, and global perspectives.

All questions related to the conference can be sent to the e-mail address:


The organizing committee / Арганізацыйны камітэт / Організаційний комітет:

Tatiana Shchyttsova (Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, European Humanities University, Vilnius), Oleg Turiy (Vice Rector for External Affairs, Chair of Church History Department, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv), Danylo Sudyn (Associate Professor at Sociology Department, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv), Valeria Korablyova (Head of the Ukraine in a Changing Europe Research Centre, Institute of International Studies, Charles University, Prague), Andrzej Tymowski (ACLS Director of International Programs, emeritus. Member of the editorial board, East European Politics and Societies and Cultures)

The conference organizers express gratitude to the Carnegie Corporation of New York for financial support, which is administered by the American Council of Learned Societies.

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